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"Serving K-12 Students in San Jose & Milpitas Since 1999!" 

DAILY HOMEWORK PROGRAM      Starting $185/month for 5 days/week! from 2:30pm to 6:30pm if paid every 6 months or more.  NOW ENROLLING.  PLEASE STOP BY OUR CENTER DURING BUSINESS HOURS TO ENROLL.
Program:  Homework Program 


NEW! New Year-Round Program Begins 1/2/2018!  These new year-round Common Core Language Arts programs will help your child meet the rigorous demands of the new Common Core Curriculum. Tuition starts at only $165/month! Enroll today! 
Program:  CoreEnglish (GRADES: 3-6)


NEW! New Year-Round Program Begins 1/2/2018!  With the new Common Core Curriculum in place, the way your child learn and solve math problems is very different and a lot more challenging nowadays.  Our new CoreMath program will help your child excel in Common Core Math at school.   Tuition starts at only $165/month.  
Program:  CoreMath (GRADES: 1-5)



 Does your 4 or 5 year-old child know how to read, do basic math and have good hand-writing skills?  Most of our KinderStars students do!  Let us help your child build a solid foundation in Phonics, Reading, Writing and Math before entering Kindergarten. You will be amazed to see how fast your child learns and grows.  

Program:  KinderStars


Looking for an affordable and high quality academic program for your child during the summer?                                     

"Helping K-12 students achieve since 1999"
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