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Looking for an affordable and high quality academic program for your child during the summer? NEW CURRICULUM & TEXTBOOKS THIS SUMMER! NOW ENROLLING                                   


NEW! New Year-Round Program!  These new year-round Common Core Language Arts programs will help your child meet the regorous demands of the new Common Core Curriculum. Programs begin on July 10. Tuition starts at only $100/month!. Enroll today!


NEW! New Year-Round Program!  Have you been frustrated and struggling in helping your child(ren) understand the new Common Core Math during the past 2 years since it came out?  Try our new year-round CoreMath program.  It is definitely a Common Core Made-Easy program that would help your child(ren) excel in MathThis program begins on July 10.  Tuition starts at only $100/month.
Program:  CoreMath (Grades 1-6)


Let us help your child build a solid foundation in Phonics, Reading, Writing and Math before entering Kindergarten. You will be amazed to see how fast your child learns and grows.  Most of our students know how to read and do basic math when they graduate from our KinderStars program. 

Program:  KinderStars


GREAT DEAL for  DAILY HOMEWORK PROGRAM at only $200/month for 5 days/week from 2:30pm to 6:30pm if paid every 3 months.   
Program:  Homework Program 

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