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Question:    Please tell me more about your Daily Homework & Tutoring Program.

Answer:    The new Common Core Curriculum is here, and the students' daily homework are more challenging than ever.  Our program is designed to help students from 1-12 fully understand and complete their daily homework.   The main goal is help our students fully understand what they are doing in terms of homework.  In addition, all of our students’ homework will be thoroughly checked to make sure that they are correct.

Question:    What if my child doesn’t have a lot of homework?  What will my child do after his  homework is completed and checked?

Answer:    After finishing homework, and if time permits, students will attend our Online Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics Practice  to improve their academic skills. Monthly progress report of this computer-based program will be available to parents.  As most schools throughout the U.S are moving forward with Common Core Curriculum, from now on almost everything students do in class will be computer-based and online from learning to testing.  We are confident that our Online Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics Practice will benefit students greatly, and prepare them well for the national annual standardized test SBAC (Smarter Balanced Consortium Assessment.)

Question:  What is the student-teacher ratio?

Answer:  Our student-teacher ratio is 10 to 1.

Question:  Who are your tutors?

Answer:  Our tutors are either college students or college graduates with years of tutoring experience.

Question:    My child’s school has minimum day on Thursday  every week.  Do you open early on Thursdays?

Answer:  Yes, we do open early on every Thursday.  You can drop off your child early without any additional charge.

Question:  How long has AcademicStars been in business?

Answer:  AcademicStars/LearningStar has been helping students from K-12 excel academically since 1999.  It is still under the management of the same director/founder Mr. Quy Pham, M. ED.

Question:  If I want to try out for one month before committing to pay the whole three months, what should I do?

Answer: You can pay monthly-based tuition which is up to $60 more per month.  After a month of try out, and if you like to continue with our program, we will deduct the amount you paid for the first month from the $600 (3-month program).

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