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QuestionCan you please tell us briefly about the content of your summer program?
  For elementary levels (K-6th), in alignment with California Common Core State Standards, our summer program will help your child prepare for the upcoming school year by teaching, and providing the necessary practice skills in Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing.  For middle and high school students, we have an intensive Grammar and Math program (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus and Calculus) to enhance their academic skills.
Question:  What is the students-teacher ratio in each class?
  On average, each class has about 10 students per teacher.
Question:  How do you group the students in the summer program?
Answer:  We group the students according to their grade levels of next school year.
Question:   What about the teachers?  Are they qualified?
Answer:  Some of our teachers have a college degrees.  Others are third or fourth-year college students.  Most importantly, in order to work for AcademicStars, a teacher has to have a lot of experience working with school-age children as well as the knowledge, the skills in the subject area that he/she is going to teach.  In addition, all new teachers must go through our training session before teaching AcademicStars' summer program.
QuestionHow about the educational materials you use to teach for the summer program?
:  We use extraordinary educational materials published by popular educational companies in the U.S like Curriculum Associates, Pearson Education, Scott Foresman  which would help your child succeed this summer.
QuestionAre these materials aligned with the new Common Core Curriculum?
:  Definitely.  In fact, the materials we've been using are personally selected and recommended by the California licensed teachers who have worked with us over the years.
QuestionMy child is from a private school.  How do you group him/her with other students from public schools? Can I request my child to be placed in a grade level higher than his/her grade of next school year?
Answer:  With parent's special request, we will be happy to place a private-school student in whichever level deemed appropriate based on his/her current academic performance.
Question:  We plan to be on vacation in the middle of the session, can my child come back and make up the time he/she misses the class?
Answer:  Certainly.  Your child can come back to make up the time that he/she missed during our summer program period between 6/20 and 8/20 Please make sure to notify the teacher before leaving for the vacation.
Question:  What are your office hours during the summer?
Answer:  Our office hours during the summer are from 8:00Am-4:00PM / Mon. - Fri.  Some centers' office hours are from 8:00AM-12:00PM.  Please call 221-4067 for more information.
QuestionPlease give us some more reasons why we should send our child to your summer program this summer?
:  There are many good reasons why you should enroll your child in our LearningStar Summer Program this summer.  Here are a few of them.
1. Experienced, dedicated and encouraging teachers
2. Extraordinary educational materials
3. Well organized and structured program
5. Four different locations to serve students in San Jose
and Milpitas
6. Most effective and productive learning environment
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